Ashi Info


What is Ashiatsu?

Translation: Foot Pressure. 

Contrary to what most people assume, no, I am not walking on your back. 

I use slow, gliding foot pressure to provide a deep relaxing massage. 

The soft, broad contours of the foot provide a surface that makes for a more comfortable experience when receiving deeper body work. 

Do I have to naked during the massage?

I know, I know. My pictures show a lot of skin. But you're privacy is top priority and you are never exposed during a session. 

Some people undress completely. Some only undress to their underwear. Either is fine. Your comfort is top priority, and you will be draped with a sheet the whole session time. Proper draping is used to ensure your privacy. 

Please be aware that the more clothes you have on the more they may interfere with some techniques. 

Do you offer different massage technique options?

Recently Massage Livingston has transitioned to only offering Ashiatsu. Hands on massage services are no longer offered. If you don't feel that Ashiatsu is right for you, I will happily recommend the local massage therapists whom I see personally. 

How do I know if Ashiatsu is right for me?

If you loooove pressure, you'll love Ashiatsu. So if you're looking for deep tissue, this is it! 

But because of the ability to shift and control the distribution of my body weight, those who like Swedish massage also love Ashi. 

Ashi is great for those who suffer from chronic pain, who have a larger stature, and who weigh 150+. 

Rates and Session lengths

Session lengths and rates can be found on my booking site