About Massage Livingston

Prevent Injury. Increase ROM. Relax a little deeper.

Barefoot Massage is the perfect modality for a well rounded massage. 

If your an athlete looking to treat or prevent sports injuries or you're just looking for some deep relaxation, relieve chronic pain - Ashiatsu is it. 

Ashiatsu is prefect for larger framed clients (those of 150+), athletes and those who love deep work. 

Anything hands can do, feet can do DEEPER. 

About Me

I often work in jeans. 

I don't play spa music. 

My favorite shirt says "Get Naked".

I massage with my feet. 

In 2012 I attended the Therapeutic Massage program at LCC in Lansing. 

After school I worked in a local chiropractic office for about 3 years. I held therapist positions in local private massage practices before opening Massage Livingston in 2015. 

I am double certified in massage cupping - I offer both traditional and modern forms.  

In 2016 I found my passion in Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage. Massage Livingston is the ONLY location offering this massage modality. 

I am the wife of a Marine Vet (which is my WHY.) I'm the mom of two. 

I'm a self proclaimed professional dog petter and coffee drinker.


Draping and Privacy

In accordance with State Laws and ethical boundaries, proper draping is used and required during all massage sessions. 

There are NO exceptions. 

How Does It work? What does it feel like?

Ashiatsu is very similar to a traditional hands on massage. The client relaxes on the super comfy massage table, while the therapist uses overhead bars for balance. The advantage of this -for both therapist and client- is that it allows the therapist to use gravity to do the work, leveraging body weight to deliver a massage depth that is unlike any other. 

How does it feel? 

Super flipping awesome! 

Sometimes it can feel like a very deep Swedish massage. 

Ashiatsu offers a deep, broad compression - without sharp discomfort. 

This is a Hurts So Good massage. NOT a No Pain, No Gain massage. 

Is Ashiatsu Right for You?

Clients who have dense muscle tissue, chronic pain, are athletic, have larger frames can benefit from this deep tissue massage, famous for back and hip pain relief, and deep relaxation. 

Ashiatsu is not suitable for everyone. If you have a major medical condition, please contact me before booking a session. 

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815 E Grand River, Suite B, Howell MI 48843

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Clients are seen by appointment ONLY. 

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