Deep Tissue ashiatsu barefoot massage

Embrace The Smush



Embrace The Smush

Once people try Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage they never go back to hands on massage. 

Specializing in only Ashiatsu, here you will find a massage that reaches the deepest layers of tissue in the gentlest way possible. 

No pain. All gain.  


Embracing The Smush

Ashiatsu gives a depth to massage that is unmatched by other modalities. Gravity is my friend and I use to provide a weight and pressure that isn't found in traditional deep tissue massage. Consistent pressure, compressive strokes that address the body as a whole. 


Is Ashiatsu Right For You?

Deeply relaxing. 

Pain fighting. 

Feel good from head to toe. 

Yes. Ashiatsu is right for you. 

Those with  larger frames, dense muscle tissue, chronic pain & stress will find that Ashiatsu is exactly the massage they have been looking for. 

About Massage Livingston

Draping, Privacy & Booking Rules


Draping: In accordance with State Laws and ethical boundaries, proper draping is used and required during all massage sessions. 

Your privacy is alway respected. 

Booking: 24 hours notice is required when canceling or rebooking a session. 

There are NO exceptions. 

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About Massage Livingston


I'm Rachel, 

Owner and Massage Therapist at Massage Livingston. 

I am the wife of a Marine Veteran and the mother of two. 

I'm a self proclaimed professional dog petter and coffee drinker. 

And I do the massage stuff with my feet. 

In 2012 I attended the Therapeutic Massage program at LCC in Lansing. 

After school I worked in a local chiropractic office for about 3 years. I held therapist positions in local private massage practices before opening Massage Livingston in 2015. 

I am double certified in massage cupping - I offer both traditional and modern forms.  

In 2016 I found my passion in Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage. Massage Livingston is the first location offering this massage modality. 

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Massage Livingston

815 E Grand River, Suite B, Howell MI 48843

(517) 862-6147




Clients are seen by appointment ONLY. 

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